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  • A major interest and key opinion leader in abdominal wall surgery
  • Publications: 38
  • Oral presentation as invited speaker: > 70 times
  • Moderator of sessions at congresses: > 30 times
  • The organization of clinical seminars or workshops in Maria Middelares Ghent: > 20 times                     
  • A guest surgeon at international symposia (England, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania) > 8 times
  • Organization expert meetings on hernia surgery (Ghent, Malmö, Gdansk, Berlin, Geneva, Edinburgh, Warsaw, Brussels) > 10
  • Congress president of the 33rdInternational Congress of the EHS 2011 in Ghent (1000 participants)

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  • General and Digestive Surgery Residency at 12 Octubre University Hospital, Madrid (Prof. Enrique Moreno). 1990-1995
  • Professor, Lecturer at Cadiz University School of Medicine. 2004
  • Chief of Department. Henares University Hospital, Madrid. 2007-
  • Professor Francisco de Vitoria University School of Medicine. 2009-
  • Fellow of American College of Surgeons
  • Director of Complex Abdominal Wall Investigation Unit at Francisco de Vitoria University

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 I am particularly interested in abdominal wall reconstruction. I have performed around 250 surgeries/year for different types of abdominal hernias, most of them (90%) by the laparoscopic approach. Some of these surgeries were performed as a premiere in Romania: endoscopic component separation, posterior component separation and transversus abdominis release, endoscopic Rives ventral hernia repair, TEP single site hernia repair). Also, I am interested to share my experience and I organize biannual advanced courses in laparoscopic hernia repair. So far I have trained about 200 surgeons

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Aali Sheen

Professor Sheen is a Senior Consultant in the NHS based in Manchester and was appointed in 2005. He specializes in all types of abdominal wall hernias including groin hernias, especially the sportsman’s hernia. He published the world’s first consensus statement on the sportsman’s groin which was a carefully documented rationale for the treatment of patients that present with this potential diagnosis where the agreed new nomenclature was decided on as ‘inguinal disruption’. Professor Sheen has vast experience in the management of groin hernias from amateur to professional elite athletes and can undertake both open and laparoscopic surgery to suit the needs of each individual patient.
Professor Sheen is the Secretary of the British Hernia Society, Sub-committee member of the European Hernia Society and serves on Scientific and awards committee of the American Hernia Society. 

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